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Tackling Maintenance Issues: How Letting Agents Deal with Maintenance Issues for Landlords in Edinburgh


Tackling Maintenance Issues: How Letting Agents Deal with Maintenance Issues for Landlords in Edinburgh

In the realm of property letting, addressing maintenance issues swiftly and effectively is imperative. It forms an essential part of preserving the property’s integrity and ensuring tenant satisfaction. In Edinburgh’s vibrant rental market, proficient letting agents will be able to handle all maintenance tasks for landlords.

Routine Visits with Photos of the Property for the Landlord

Routine visits are an integral aspect of property maintenance management. Letting agents conduct these visits to monitor the property’s condition, identify potential problems, and address them before they exacerbate. These visits often include comprehensive photography of the property, providing landlords with visual updates and insights into their property’s current state.

Communicating with Landlords and Tenants with Monthly Updates from the Letting Agent to the Landlord

Consistent and clear communication forms the bedrock of a productive relationship between landlords, tenants, and letting agents. Letting agents should facilitate this by providing regular monthly updates to landlords, encapsulating vital information like property condition and outstanding repairs and tenant feedback. This process fosters transparency and ensures the landlord stays informed and has peace of mind.

Tenant Responsibilities with Helpful Guides for Them to Resolve Issues Themselves

Understanding tenant responsibilities forms an integral part of efficient property maintenance. Letting agents often provide tenants with informative guides, enabling them to address minor issues themselves. This empowers tenants, reduces unnecessary repair call-outs, and ensures the property remains well-cared for.

Selecting Reliable Contractors

A crucial part of a letting agent’s role involves building a network of reliable contractors – plumbers, electricians, joiners, and more. These professionals must be trustworthy, efficient, and adept at their trades, ensuring that any repair or maintenance work is carried out to the highest standard.

Proactive Maintenance

Proactive maintenance involves anticipating and addressing potential issues before they morph into costly repairs. Letting agents, with their wealth of experience and keen eye for detail, excel in this area. By implementing regular property checks and early interventions, they avert substantial repair costs and preserve the property’s value.

Urgent Repairs

Despite best efforts, urgent repairs are inevitable in property management. When such circumstances arise, letting agents act swiftly and decisively. They coordinate with reliable contractors, ensure the repair work is completed promptly and monitor the situation closely to mitigate further issues.

Making Maintenance Decisions for the Long-term Good of the Property

Maintenance decisions should always align with the long-term health and value of the property. Letting agents advise on when to replace versus repair, considering the property’s age, the item’s life expectancy, and cost-effectiveness. Their expertise supports landlords in making informed, beneficial decisions.

Managing Maintenance Costs

Managing maintenance costs is a fine balance. Letting agents excel in cost-effective decision-making, negotiating competitive rates with contractors, scheduling regular maintenance to prevent costly repairs, and advise landlords on smart investments that improve property value and longevity.  It is common in the industry for companies to add a commission to the invoice cost for arranging the work, often between 5%-20% however, most ethical companies will be transparent about this and provide a breakdown of any additional costs.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Legal and regulatory compliance in property maintenance is non-negotiable. This includes safety regulations, securing necessary licenses, and permissions for various work. Letting agents can ensure that all maintenance work adheres strictly to Scottish and any local laws and regulations, safeguarding landlords from potential legal repercussions.

Safety Regulations

Compliance with safety regulations is paramount in property maintenance. Whether it’s electrical safety, fire safety, or gas safety, letting agents ensure that all work carried out meets stringent safety standards, providing peace of mind for landlords and tenants alike.


Maintaining rental properties in Edinburgh can be a complex task, but with the right letting agent, it becomes manageable, even effortless. Letting agents expertly navigate the intricacies of maintenance, ensuring landlords’ peace of mind and the property’s longevity.

About Southside Property Management

If you decide to use Southside Property Management you will have a designated property manager to liaise with your tenants and deal with any maintenance issues for your property. Our bespoke system has been designed to hold all the necessary information to manage your property effectively. This means we keep a record for you of everything from warranties and safety certificates, to any past and current maintenance issues. Landlords can also set a cost authorisation so that your property manager can pro-actively action any maintenance or works on your behalf without you needing to get involved. One of the greatest benefits that landlords have through SouthSide is that competitive contractor rates are passed directly to you directly and we never add our own commission to the invoice.  Any work that is arranged is included in the standard management fee and included on a monthly rental statement with a clear breakdown of costs. 

Our 3 Top Tips for Landlords to Ask Their Letting Agent about Maintenance

  1. Processes: Clarify who is responsible for property maintenance and what software or processes the letting agent employs to track and manage maintenance.
  2. Property Visits: Understand the frequency of property visits by the letting agent, what they involve and any likely action to be taken upon receipt of a report.
  3. Maintenance Costs: Seek detailed information on how maintenance costs are managed, potential cost-saving strategies, and the typical costs involved for routine maintenance and repairs, including any added fees or commission.