Moving into your Property

Moving In to Your Property

Check-In & Inventory (Monday-Friday – 8am until 6pm and Saturday until 1pm)

We work with 2/3 different inventory companies and one of these independent companies will visit the property before you move in to conduct an inventory and condition report; they will also take photographs and meter readings.

You will receive an email of the inventory and condition report within 10 working days of the date you collect the keys and you will then have 1 week to confirm all is correct and highlight any issues within the document.

At SouthSide we make it our highest priority to ensure a smooth process with the minimal of cost and disruption to you. On occasion there may be challenges with the condition or cleanliness of the property resulting from previous tenants that are not always picked up or hidden at the check-out. Should this problem arise, please notify your property manager and provide supporting photos within 3 working days of the lease commencement and we will endeavor to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Collecting keys

Keys can be collected from our office on the day your tenancy starts between:

  • 2pm and 5.30pm – Monday to Friday
  • 10am – 1pm – Saturday (our office is closed on Sunday).
  • Please note that before collecting keys, all payments (deposit & initial rental payment) must have been received from all tenants.

If you plan to collect keys after your tenancy start date, please inform your property manager in advance. We find this is often the case with student tenancies where term start dates can vary.

The code on your key fob (ending with the letter L or P) is your property reference and should be used in all correspondence with your property manager and the SouthSide team, this reference is also indicated on your tenancy agreement.

Setting Up Your Accounts

When you move into the property you will need to set up an account with your utility providers and inform them of the meter readings at the start of your tenancy. You will also need to inform the Council for Council Tax purposes. Students are exempt from Council tax and can receive an exemption letter by emailing the Council at with their name, address and student number of each student living in the property.

Please note that unfortunately, due to the high costs associated with credit and debit card payments, we no longer accept card payments at all.  Therefore we advise that you set up a standing order/regular payment with your bank for your monthly rental payments (rent is due on 1st day of the month for all properties and applicable bank account details can be found in your lease). A standing order/regular payment means that rent will automatically be taken from your account which will avoid any late fees later down the line. It also means that you won’t need to remember to transfer your rent each month.

All tenants/guarantors will receive an email from Pingsign for signing the agreement, there is a video should you need it. Once all parties have signed, the fully signed copy will be emailed to all parties for their records.

On your tenancy start date (stated below on your Application Accepted email) your keys will be put in our contactless collection box at our office on 20 Nicolson Street and you will receive an email that morning with an instruction guide/video on how to access them. The collection is accessible between 2pm and 5pm only. This is on the proviso that your deposit & rent has been paid, all outstanding application documents have been received and the Tenancy Agreement fully signed. The amounts due and the outstanding documents are listed below on your accepted email. We will contact the lead tenant should there be anything outstanding preventing the keys from being put out for collection.

If you are not planning on collecting your keys on your start date please notify your Property Manager so they are aware. You can collect your keys anytime after your start date provided within working hours, you will need to let your Property Manager know so they can get them ready.

During the pandemic we can no longer accept cash payments. Our preferred method is via BACS and Standing Order. Should you not have access to these methods you can call our office and make payment via a UK debit card however there is a £6 bank charge incurred with this.

The bank details for making payments are stated on your Application Accepted email and in your Tenancy Agreement.

When setting up a Standing Order for your rent, it is preferable that this is paid from one account however we understand this may not be possible with Joint Tenancies so it is fine to pay separately. Please ensure that your property code is used as the paye Reference for all transfers.

For your deposit – this is due within 48 hours of your application being accepted.

For your 1st rent – this is due 3 working days prior to the tenancy start date to allow clearance in our account. If you are moving in part way through the month a pro rata amount will be due, the total due e.g you are paying rent upfront or paying 1st and last rent will be stated in your application accepted email - this total amount is due 3 working days prior to the tenancy start date. Thereafter the normal monthly rent is always due on the 1st of the month.

SPM do not take direct debits, you must instruct your bank to make the payments of rent to us via a Standing Order.

You will be provided this via email within 10 working days of move in. Upon receipt you have 5 days to comment and return the amendment form. If you haven’t received your inventory within this time scale please check your junk folder and then let me know. Please report any maintenance issues even if you haven't received your inventory yet. IF YOU DO NOT COLLECT YOUR KEYS ON THE MOVE IN DATE THE 5 WORKING DAYS FOR COMMENTS STARTS ON THE DATE YOU COLLECT THE KEYS IF THE INVENTORY HAS BEEN SENT PRIOR TO THAT DATE.

SPM will do all they can to make sure the property is ready and no issues when you move in however with everything, we cannot guarantee that there won't be any issues.  SPM will make sure the issues are rectified ASAP. If you are not happy with the cleanliness of your property on the day of your tenancy start date, please notify your Property Manager by taking a picture of the issues and emailing it to your property manager within 48 hours so that we may rectify this for you. You can also call your property manager.

For reporting maintenance   – There is information on tenants responsibilities within your tenancy documents however if there is an maintenance issue that is out with this then please follow the below. 


  • Emergency Issues Within Office Hours - Please call your property manager on their direct dial
  • Emergencies Out With Office Hours - Southside offer an out of hours service for emergencies with an On-call Property Manager that are contactable on 0131 510 2424. Please note this is only to be called in the case of fire, flood or unsecure property.



In order to save you time and money with delays on your utilities please ensure you take a photograph of your meter readings and contact the companies to set the accounts in your name. To find out who your electricity supplier is please contact 0330 1010 300. You can search your address on this link to find the current gas supplier Even if you are exempt from Council Tax, you still have to apply for this and provide proof if/when you vacate. UTILITIES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR RENT UNLESS SPECIFICALLY AGREED IN YOUR TENANCY AGREEMENT

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