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About Us
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SouthSide is a team of hardworking, driven and fully committed individuals. We respond quickly and work with our landlords and tenants.

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Southside has an ethos of “Property Made Simple” to make the Letting and Management of your rental property as straight forward and stress free as possible.

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Ending Your Tenancy

Step One: Notice to Leave

For the New Private Residential Tenancy (PRT), a tenant can end a tenancy at any point during the tenancy, with 28 days’ written notice.

For a short assured tenancy (SAT), tenants are required to give 2 month’s written notice if they wish to vacate the property otherwise their lease will continue to roll on a 2 monthly rolling contract (with the exception of some fixed term tenancy agreement where the landlord/agent will give notice).

To give notice, a simple email to your property manager with the names of all tenants is sufficient and all tenants must be copied into the email (notification by letter from each tenant is also accepted if you do not use email)

Your property manager will reply confirming the receipt of notice and send you details of the checkout procedure. You can fill out the Tenant Leaving Form here.

Please note that once a notice to quit/notice to leave has been given by the tenant or the landlord/agent, the property will be advertised and viewings will then commence. When properties are tenanted, we limit the viewings to a maximum of 2 per week. During this time we kindly ask that tenants keep the property in a reasonably clean and tidy condition which will help to ensure the property is let quicker and as a result viewings can cease. Tenants are welcome to be present during viewings however we do not expect this as our viewers are able to access with keys and will always be present during the viewings. Tenants will be given 48 hours notice of viewings taking place and the property will be left as it was found (including locks).

If a tenant wishes to exit their tenancy agreement early, they will still be liable for the rent until the end of the agreed tenancy agreement period. Your property manager will be able to talk you through some options regarding finding a replacement tenant if this applies to you.

If you require a reference for your new property, please fill out this Reference Request form. SouthSide Property Management DO NOT CHARGE for references.

Further information on the Private Residential Tenancy Agreement can be found on the Scottish Government’s website which is included below
Source: Scottish Government – Private Residential Tenancy: information for tenants

Step Two: Checking Out of your property

An independent inventory company will meet you at the property to complete your check out. This includes an inventory, property condition report and video. If you do not wish to be present please let us know and we can arrange access with the inventory company.

If you are cleaning the property yourself, please note that the property will need to be cleaned to a professional standard when you leave. If you would prefer to use a cleaning company for your final checkout, your Property Manager will be able to provide contact details for a cleaning company who offers special rates for SouthSide tenants or you can of course use another company of your choice. Please note that you would need to arrange with the cleaning company and make the payment directly to them.

If you have any queries or concerns before you checkout, please inform your Property Manager. Your checkout will take place on your final day of your tenancy.

If you believe any maintenance is required at the end of your tenancy, please inform your property manager.

At the time of your checkout, you will be required to hand over all sets of keys. Keys and tenant leaving forms can also be handed in directly to our office.

A check out report, inventory and video will be emailed to tenants 3 – 5 working days after the checkout has taken place, please make sure you check your junk and spam email boxes. The document will contain the link to your video checkout and will be compared to your inventory and condition report at check in. You must inform us within 48 hours if you wish to dispute anything contained within this report.

Step Three: Returning Your Deposit

Letting Protection Service Scotland (LPS) are a government body and hold all SouthSide deposits.  LPS will transfer your deposit back directly to tenants after confirming with your Property Manager no deductions are to be made. Please click on this link www.lettingprotectionscotland.com for more information regarding LPS.

In order to start the process of your deposit return, the following documents must have been received:

  • Tenant leaving forms (with all sets of keys)
  • Council tax bill confirming the account is closed or exemption form
  • Final utility bills showing bills have been paid

Once all the above documents are received, your property manager will arrange for a statement to be sent to you (usually via the lead tenant) which will show any deductions picked up during the checkout (e.g. breakages, cleaning costs etc.). Any charges will be supported with invoices, where applicable. You will receive this statement within 15 working days from receipt of all the documents above.

We aim to have all deposits returned to tenants in full and will provide information sheets detailing what will be required from tenants when they leave the property. If you require further information, your property manager will be able to advise.

If all tenants are in agreement with the end of tenancy statement, your property manager will advise LPS within 5 working days to return the deposit, including any deductions and LPS will contact the tenant directly for their bank details.

If tenants dispute anything shown on the statement, the case is taken to a dispute resolution service, which can take 45 working days (9 weeks) for the disputed amount of the deposit to be assessed.