Complaints Procedure


SouthSide Complaints Procedure

At Southside Property Management we are committed to providing excellent service across all aspects of the business, which meets our clients’ reasonable expectations, but even so, sometimes issues can arise which give cause for complaint.  If they do, please let us know as soon as you can so we can make things right again.

Step 1:

Ryan Ivory
Rebekah Lansley
Lewis Collie
Lucy McKelvey
Katy Fitton
Anna Jones
Jack Middlemiss
Leighvi Collins
Eleanora Vacca
Ione Paterson
Danny Briggs (LET ONLY)

If you wish to complain about any aspect of our service, or that of a contractor instructed by us on your behalf, you can do so by contacting your Property Manager in writing, by email in the first instance, who will investigate and get back to you within 5 working days:

Step 2:
If you feel you have done all you can to resolve the issue with your Property Manager then the complaint will be investigated by another member of our team as follows within 15 working days: 

Tenants or Neighbour Complaints Landlords/ 3rd Party Complaints
Leah Birch
20 Nicolson Street
Emma Ewen
20 Nicolson Street

Step 3:

If the response still does not provide the satisfaction you require, we would respectfully request that you provide us with written confirmation of the reasons you deem that the complaint has not been resolved. The complaint will then be reconsidered by Emma Ewen for tenant or neighbour complaints and Leah Birch for landlord or 3rd party complaints within 15 working days.

If this final decision does not resolve your difficulty, you may at that stage apply to one of our governing bodies below once the internal complaints procedure has been exhausted.

Tenants Landlords/ 3rd Party Complaints/Tenants
Housing and Property Chamber
First-tier Tribunal for Scotland
4th Floor, 1 Atlantic Quay
45 Robertson Street, Glasgow G2 8JBWeb:  0141 302 5900
Fax: 0141 302 5901
The Property Ombudsman
Milford House
43-45 Milford Street
Wiltshire SP1 2BPWeb:  01722 333 306
Fax:  01722 332 296 

If your complaint is in relation to return of your tenancy deposit, at this stage a dispute should be raised with Letting Protection Scotland:

Please note that each body above have their set timescales that can range from 1 – 3 months to review evidence.


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