Student lets 2020/21

“Students looking for accommodation this year, our listings will begin to go live now, starting with larger 6+ bedroom properties and continuing thereafter to upload the smaller 3-5 beds. This will be an ongoing process that will largely be complete by the end of February 2020, with sporadic additions thereafter – which is why it is worthwhile subscribing to our listing alerts.

We are in the process of contacting our current tenants to ask their intentions for next year. If they indicate that they will be leaving this Summer, then the properties will be advertised. However, no official tenancy agreement can be signed until the tenants have given their notice, 28 days before they intend to leave.

UPDATED funded student app pro 01

The available dates for our properties really depend on when the current tenants leave – which we found last year was the end of May – making them available the start of June. Unless stated otherwise on the advert the property will only be available for the date stated.”