Your Expectations

Your property manager is your main point of contact at SouthSide for all questions, queries and to report any issues.

If your property manager is not available straight away, they will respond to you as quickly as possible (within 48 hours for non-urgent queries and within 24 hours for urgent queries). If you have requested a call back from your property manager, please note that if you called before 2pm your call will be returned the same day. If it was after 2pm, it will be by close of business the next working day.

For emergencies, please call our office directly on 0131 510 00 51 during office hours or 0131 510 2424 outside office hours. Emergencies are deemed fire, flood, property damage or being locked out of your property. Please be aware that tenants may be charged for call outs that are not deemed an emergency if they could have been resolved during normal office hours.

From time to time maintenance works or repairs may need to be carried out on your rented property and your property manager will arrange for this to be completed as soon as possible. We work with a number of contractors so that waiting time is kept to a minimum. Please be aware however that unless the issue is urgent, you may have to wait a few days for a contractor to attend and if parts need to be ordered, it may extend the waiting time further (we understand that this can be frustrating sometimes and ask you to be patient while the issue is being resolved and find alternative solutions where possible e.g. if your washing machine stops working, handwashing items or using a launderette temporarily).

When a contractor is instructed, the lead tenant will be notified by email, phone or text message at least 48 hours in advance and provided with the contact details of the contractor to communicate with them directly.

In order to minimize disruption to tenants, SouthSide can provide access for works to be completed or if tenants prefer to be present they can inform their property manager. Please note that contractors cannot always guarantee to visit at a specific time although they will do their best to give a time window.

If there is an issue in a communal area eg stairwell or outside the property, please be aware that as this is joint responsibility of all landlords & owners within the building therefore resolving issues may take longer. SouthSide Property Management are not registered as factors so are unable to facilitate repairs & payments.