Existing Clients

Existing Tenants

This section is a How To Guide for existing tenants with important information and tips on how to look after your property, including basic checks you should carry out before reporting issues to your property manager.

For Emergencies during office hours call 0131 51 000 51 (Mon-Fri 8am-6pm or Sat 9am-1.30pm)

For Emergencies out of office hours 0131 510 2424

Should there be no reply from the numbers above within 30 minutes you can also call 07824 797778. If there is still no answer and your issue is an emergency/urgent you can also call 0131 510 3399.

Some emergencies can be solved onsite by the tenant and some basic maintenance is also expected of tenants (i.e. replacing light bulbs). Please be aware that in some instances if tenants request a callout and it is something that they could resolve themselves there may be a callout charge and equally if a callout is reported as an emergency out of normal office hours and it turns out not to be, then a charge may also apply.

Please note that only Gas Leak, Fire, Flood and Unsecured Property constitutes an emergency and any general maintenance calls will be dealt with during normal office hours.

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