Deposit return & docs needed

Deposit return and documents needed

Letting Protection Scotland (LPS) are a government body and hold all SouthSide deposits. We will transfer your deposit to LPS with 30 days of your tenancy starting and provide them with your contact details. LPS will then transfer your deposit back directly to yourself after confirming with your Property Manager no deductions are to be made. Please click on this link for more information regarding LPS.

In order to start the process of your deposit return, the following documents must have been received:

  • Tenant leaving forms (with all sets of keys)
  • Council tax bill confirming the account is closed (or exemption form)
  • Final utility bills showing bills have been paid

Once all the above documents are received, your property manager will arrange for a statement to be sent to you (usually via the lead tenant) which will include any deductions picked up during the checkout (e.g. breakages, cleaning costs etc.) any charges will be supported with invoices, where applicable.

We aim to request all deposits to be returned to tenants in full by providing tenants with the information they need to achieve this. If you require further information, your property manager will be able to advise.

If all tenants are in agreement with the end of tenancy statement, your property manager will advise LPS within 10 working days to return the deposit, including any deductions and LPS will contact the tenant directly for their bank details.

If tenants dispute anything shown on the statement, the case is taken to a dispute resolution service, which can take 45 working days (9 weeks) for the disputed amount of the deposit to be assessed.