Applying for a Property

Applying for a Property

    • Detailed information on how to make an application will be provided at the viewing. Simply visit the

SouthSide Applications website

    • and follow the informative steps or complete a Tenant Detail Form (one per tenant aged 16+) and hand/email/post into our office along with the guarantor form (if required). We aim to get back to you within 3-6 working days to let you know if the landlord has shortlisted your application. If you have been shortlisted we will then begin checking your references and request all supporting documents listed below

Supporting documents

      1. Photographic ID (driver’s license or passport)
      2. Proof of current address (e.g. utility bill, bank statement – dated within the last 3 months or current tenancy agreement)
      3. Proof of income (pay slips or bank statements for the last 3 months – if you are starting a new job a copy of your employment contract is also accepted. If you are self-employed and don’t receive monthly pay slips then an SA302 is also acceptable – this can be provided by HMRC).
      4. If you are a student, we will require a copy of your student ID or acceptance letter. If required documents are not provided within five working days of your application being shortlisted, the application will be assumed withdrawn (unless communication is made to state otherwise).

Completed forms and the required documents must be provided within one week of applying for the property, otherwise your application will be assumed withdrawn (unless communication is made to state otherwise).

Guarantor Requirements

        • If you are a student, not in full time employment, in a probation period for a new job, under 2 years of self employment or do not have sufficient income (a student loan does not count as an income), you will be asked to provide a guarantor.
        • The guarantor must receive an income of at least 2.5x the amount of monthly rental (for example, a £1000 per calendar month flat shared between two people with low income would require two guarantors with at least £1250 net monthly income or one guarantor for both tenants with at least £2500 net monthly income).
        • If your credit rating is insufficient (deemed by Experian or other relevant credit check companies we use) then a guarantor is also likely to be requested.
        • If you and/or your guarantor do not currently live in the UK, or cannot be traced to a UK address, we may ask for the first and last month’s rent to be paid up front, prior to the tenancy start.
        • If a guarantor is self-employed, a credit check may be carried out on the business. A tax return, letter from an accountant or bank statements may also be requested.

A Guarantor would require photo ID and proof of address.  A physical copy of the Guarantor Form is available from our office and can also be downloaded from our website by clicking the ‘Guarantor Form’ link above or below.

Printable Forms